Thursday, October 8, 2009


Duracell Solar Charger

Solar eBook (coming soon)

Cool New Balance Green Sneakers

Simple Hemp Sneaks are cool too

Pet Beds Made from Old Suitcases

Soy Based Paint Remover

Soda Maker I saw at Adrian's Pool

14 Billion Annually Tossed Cup holders is too many. A solution.

Rickshaw "ZERO" Messenger Bag

Someone will like these Recycled Oakley Sunglasses

Ready Made Mag: Learn How To Make Just About Anything

Soy Crayons - you can probably eat them

Cool Ethical and Water Themed Necklace (by Linda Loudermilk)

This Belt was a Bike Tube

Gift: EcoSphere Desk Object

Students: Find Your Textbook Online At a Fraction of the Cost

Poo Poo Paper

Stylin' Honda Electric Bike (Coming Soon)

Earth Mama Body Butter for Your Lady's Stretch Marks

Outdoor Rugs Made from Recycled Plastic

Solar Roof Tiles that look like Shimmering Shingles

Compare Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

The Best Solar iPhone Charger

Green Dog Bed

Eco Dog Leash

Lexus Luxury Hybrid

Seriously Green Teas

Zero Electricity Treadmill

Make Safe Drinking Water Anywhere

Renovo Hardwood Bikes

Mission One Super-Green Electric Motorcycle is now For Sale

Eco Vibrator

Green Condoms

Solar Climbing Orangutan Toy

Foot Powered Portable Generator (saving lives in Africa)

Citizen Solar Powered Watches That Aren't So Ugly

Book: Green Marketing Manifesto

Slick Solar Robotic Lawn Mower

This Lightbulb Lasts 25 Years

Citrus Clock

Glasses Made from Wine Bottles

Bamboo Utensils from Bambu

Recycled Headphones with Antlers

Lacoste Cork Bike Helmet

Solar Path Lights

Awesome Hemp Guitars

Green Guitar Picks

Fuzzy Light Wall

Farm Fresh to You

Smile Plastics

Lazy Environmentalist Book

The Juicy Leaf

Coke Powered Cellphone (prototype)

1 comment:

  1. PG (Glatzer) loves:
    The Green Glass Co!
    Citrus Clock - OMG - great copy on this too
    Antler Headphones - not sure, but great copy
    Cork Helmut - but is it avail or just proto
    Hemp Guitars!! Fucking awesome
    Farm Fresh to you - absolutely
    Bamboo Utensils
    Smile Plastics
    Coke powered cell phone - great, but not avail yet
    And the top down to the lightbulbs.
    We already have a few of these on our list too.